Survival of the Interesting

Survival of the Interesting

Fine Art Exhibition

March 4th


June 4th


Gallery [context]

Seattle Design Center




-because somebody cared enough to

make this


someone found this

interesting enough

to spend

the only known commodity in Life:


to create


that had never existed before


-neat, huh?

interest  (ˈɪntrɪst, -tərɪst)


1 the sense of curiosity about or concern with something or someone: an interest in beautiful original works of art.

2 the power of stimulating such a sense: to have great interest in magnificent experiences

3 the quality of such stimulation

4 something in which one is interested; a hobby or pursuit

5 ( often plural ) benefit; advantage: in one’s own interest

6 ( often plural )

a. a right, share, or claim, esp in a business, property or unique object of art

b. the business, property, etc, in which a person has such concern

7 a. a charge for the use of credit or borrowed money

b. such a charge expressed as a percentage per time unit of the sum borrowed or used

8 ( often plural ) a section of a community, etc, whose members have common aims: we must cultivate the landed interest

9 declare an interest  to make known one’s connection, esp a prejudicial connection, with an affair


10 to arouse or excite the curiosity or concern of

11 to cause to become involved in something; concern

[C15: from Latin: it concerns, from interesse;  from inter-  + esse  to be]


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