For many of us, it was our first word, our first source of nourishment, our introduction, a unique and special bond unlike any other relationship on Earth.

Etymologically, the Latin “Mater” gives us both “Mother” and (eventually) “Material”. Indeed, Mother is literally the material we are made from.

The Mother Earth.

One might consider that in creating vibrant works of art we “Mother” art into existence, nurturing our visions through the struggle and pain until we achieve… something fresh and alive that has never existed before.

Gallery [context] invites professional generative Artists to share their visions and interpretations of Mother, through vibrant and beautiful works of Contemporary Art.

Welcome, MOTHER in the Gallery [context]

exhibition: 11/5-12/10
artists’ reception 11/8/12 6:00-9:00pm

runway show 11/8/12 7:00-8:00 pm

Pepper Proud in the Gallery [context]  11/8/12

Pepper Proud in the Gallery [context]

Marion Ray – Entwined Paradigm Design (FB)
Dorothy Duncliff – Dova Silks
Tina Witherspoon – Glamspoon

Amy Nevens
Kristine Beaver
Juliet Dang
Caroline Greenlee
Kelly Smith
Veronica Fernmoss
Glen Easley
Tessa Claire
Angela Taylor
Kelsey Johnson
Sienna Dawn

Event/Fashion Photographers:
Colin Ray
Jeff Dunnicliff

Rochelle Leight
Tracey Saunders
Brooke Bushnell (Hair) with assistants
Irene Deneen


Acro at G[c]


Michael Brinker

Aloria Weaver

Dorian Visionheart Dyer

Joy Hagen

Daya B. Astor

Don Haggerty

Mark Lee

Endearment Israel


Terra Holcomb

Christine Devine

Zalman Berkowitz

Macaroni Necklace  (thoughts of Mother.)

When I was younger, after I introduced myself, I would have to explain how to say my name and what it means. I’m a smart-ass sometimes and this question maybe grew tiresome, or game-worthy, or poetic depending on which lens I view it from. It is strangely perfect, that my name is ZALMAN, that my mother’s name, Alma (which means ‘soul’ in Spanish) connects the first and last letters of my name. It is fitting, also, that my name translates to “man of peace” and that my mother is the soul within my name. But this is not about me.

My mother, Alma was a free spirit, and loved the desert. Momma was a righteous, direct and vocal critic of… (Read More Here:


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