Human Nature


Exhibition: 12/14/12-1/18/13

Reception: 12/14/12 6-9pm


Adlib of SHAMELESS productions


Is it possible to exist outside of nature?

One thinks of the Natural world as distinct or Other than our Man-Made world of technologies, the Internets, plastics, nano-bots and designer pharmacology.

We humans experience this “thing” called Consciousness which allows us to hold the paradox of conflicting truths and to think of the natural world as being composed of separate objects, and ourselves as an Entity.

Our very Human bodies reflect the same proportions of water and minerals we find on Earth, contain about 10% uniquely Human cells and are constantly regenerating. Even the us we call us is made of something else. (see also WIKI and the painting dissipative structures)

Simultaneously the system of human thought we call Science is beginning to describe our phenomenological experience as “multi-dimensional” and existing in someplace/no-place or a ‘probability state’… Perhaps we are beginning to recognize that we are a part of a larger system, that we reflect as well as influence the environments we inhabit.


All human technology is a result of our ability to copy and reproduce what we observe and experience.

It is our humaNature to do this. To be a human is to have a body, a mind and some sense of “mysterious animating presence” that makes us US.

This experience follows natural laws and rhythms. Moods and emotions are responses to physical and mental stimuli which are loosely based on the combination of perceptions and reactions to phenomena that we observe Intrinsically or Extrinsically in Nature. (whew.)

There is no escape, we are It and It is Us. Why do we think we are different? Where does this compulsion come from? Do other creatures question? What is it that distinguishes Human, are we unique in Nature, and can we be sure? Why do we care?

I heard Michael Pollen say on the radio recently “Every once in awhile I ask myself: “who is telling me that Consciousness is important? … Consciousness.”

Join us as we celebrate Human Nature in the Gallery [context].


Participating Artists:



A. Andrew Gonzalez



Jave Yoshimoto

William Drumm

William Drumm

William Drumm


Robroy Chalmers


Paul D. Natkin


Miguel Edwards

Christine Devine

Christine Devine

Christine Devine


Victoria Brenner

Overgrowth by Elizabeth Gahan

Overgrowth by Elizabeth Gahan

Elizabeth Gahan


Adam Scott Miller


Tyler Gentry


Aloria Weaver


Autumn Skye Morrison

wanderer_awake  by Android Jones

wanderer_awake by Android Jones

Android Jones


Dorian Visionheart Dyer


Michael Brinker


Bryan Kent Ward

Zalman Berkowitz

and more… {{{{{{{{{{{{{{stay Tuned}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}


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