10 Obvious Things


10 Obvious Things

Gallery [context] is pleased to announce “10 Obvious Things” an exhibition of objects inspired by conversations at Art Klatsch, the wednesday morning gathering of artists, collectors and gallerists started by Scott Lawrimore. Klatsch participants include Anita Grant, Ben Beres, Francisco Guerrero, Jeremy Buben, Jon Kvistad, Lance Boil, Queen Shmooquan, Sounds Fresh, Tom Mattausch, Vanessa Dewolf, Zalman Berkowitz and surprising drop-ins each week. Klatsch meets Wednesday mornings from 8ish to 10ish at Cafe Presse on 12th avenue, Capitol Hill, Seattle.

Fine Art Exhibition

June 20th – July 1st

Opening Reception

June 20, 2013  5-9pm

Featuring Roberta Fuhr of Experience Tea

Exhibition Preview

“Direct EXperience” July 7th – September 6th  2013

Participating Artists


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