ZB RAW 300

Zalman Berkowitz

Founder / Gallery Director

C: 206) 553 – 9437

E: gallery.context(at)

About Zal:

Zalman Berkowitz moved to Manhattan in the mid 1990‘s to study art and fell into the wine trade. Among many talented teachers, he had the privilege of working with Michael Green who inspired his passion for wine, and Myron Barnstone who helped him focus his creativity with the discipline of renaissance methods of pictorial composition at his Atelier in Pennsylvania.

Since 1998 Zalman has functioned as a consultant, buyer, sommelier and wine educator. He has worked with Gourmet Magazine and the Food Network, Food and Wines from France, many Fortune 100 companies, and for several years as a sommelier in Grand Award restaurant(s) as well as work with large-scale food and wine events (Gourmet Global Tastings, Brooklyn Eats, Share Our Strength, etc.). In the wine trade Zalman designed proprietary wine programs and events with restaurants, companies, national trade organizations, charities and individuals. Zalman’s art practice continues and he has participated regularly in exhibitions since 1996. His vibrant, provocative artWorks run the gamut from small works to large installations and include 13 years of performance poetry and explorations in new media. Zalman’s paintings are held in private collections throughout the world.

He is passionate about learning, and both wine and art offer him the continued pleasure of discovery. His approach is passionate, knowledge-based, casual and conceptual.


Cynthia Freese


C: 425) 533 – 5973

E: gallery.context2(at)

About Cynthia:

Cynthia Freese was the Co–Founder and CEO of Evergreen Events Inc, where she has spent 10 years as the Executive Director of LOGIN Conference. Prior to her founding of Evergreen Events, Cynthia was the Event Director at The Game Initiative, where she grew the Game Initiative’s conferences to include boutique, senior-level events with a unique focus. Cynthia was the creator and manager of the 2005 Casual Games Conference in Seattle. This successful conference allowed the game industry to focus on a new perspective in the industry. She was also the Conference Director of the 2005 Austin Game Conference, Women’s Game Conference and Writers Game Conference in Austin, Texas, all of which had record attendance in 2005. In addition to her work on innovative conferences, Cynthia also focused on the Breaking In To the Game Industry events as well as helping to organize and attain industry speakers for middle school Career Days around the country. Having sold her company in 2012 in order to devote her time to creating art as the founder of EverGirl Art, Cynthia found it was equally rewarding to help other artists. Carrying over her legacy of connecting people to people and creating value, Cynthia likes to be thought of as a bridge between groups and believes that by working together we will accomplish, and create, far more together.


Thank you for your interest in the Gallery [context].

Please know that we are available to discuss any and all collaborative possibilities with you.


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