Installation “CAGED” by Anette Lusher

Anette Lusher talking about her work  "CAGED"

Anette Lusher talking about her work “CAGED”

{The following, amateur Photos and Captions by Zalman Berkowitz }

Freedom, The Cocoon, and FEAR

Freedom, The Cocoon, and FEAR


Inequality, Aspirations, The Unattainable

Inequality, Aspirations, The Unattainable




Installations / Special Projects


Anette Lusher ::
My intention with this thought-provoking installation “Caged” is, to create a sense of vulnerability and to engage the viewer to reflect on some of their personal life’s challenges. One of my utmost important and life’s changing events occurred when I was diagnosed with a devastating and deadly lung disease. Immediately, I had the feeling of being “Caged”, or as you may call it, ‘caged in’, a physical and spiritual bondage, which most of us encounter at some time or another. Tied down by emotions and daily challenges, life can become very difficult. Walls seem to be closing in around us, creating this ‘cage’ that wants to hold us back, clipping our wings, that otherwise would allow us to soar. An attempt to escape, to break free from this bondage could leave us broken, or it could give us the strength to pick up the pieces and go on. Whether protecting ourselves in a self-imposed cocoon, barely hanging on to a thread, or even left in shards, humankind has the strength, the endurance, and the capability to survive.
Note: I received a Bi-Lateral Lung Transplant (both lungs) on 29 July 2007, about 2 weeks prior to my ultimate demise! Life rocks!  I am forever grateful to my donor, who gave me LIFE through his unselfish gift. Please re-think and pick up the pieces, no matter what your situation is. -AL


Zalman Berkowitz ::

Each time we create an exhibition at the Gallery [context] some magic happens. That is my experience of it, and I probably spend the most time here. I explain:

Remember the exhibition “Survival of the Interesting”? The spontaneous geometric web erupted from the Robin’s Nest and then the Orb Weavers made their escape? It was way too interesting to smash and it survived for almost three months.

Another example, the “Human Nature” exhibition, lots of folks spontaneously pitched in, brought Epic Works and pulled the show together. Excellent show and truly a sum greater than it’s parts, a fine example of teamwork, generosity and heART (and some kids stole something). We learned something. Meh, chalk it up to Human Nature.

Thus Far, “Faces and Limbs” has already been provocative, and surprising. This exhibition features an abundance of styles and media including works in Bronze, Glass, Wood, Metal, Paper, Pencil, Charcoal, Acrylic, Oil, Mixed Media, New Media, and Photography in multiple processes.

We are feeling a nice flow in the Gallery [context] and as more and more audiences engage with the installation “Caged” by Anette Lusher, I am enjoying the diversity of responses. I imagine after reading the backstory and this note Responses Will Continue to Vary.

Perhaps that is the point. Some consider Art successful when it elicits an experience. For me, I love when an artistic expression stimulates a response and offers the opportunity for more conversations, knowledge about Self and Preference.

This Installation has some magic! Please note that the unwrapped Baby was initially wrapped, then somehow shed it’s “cocoon”. Anette came in and re-wrapped it, and it shed it’s cocoon again! Third time is a charm, so at this point, that Baby has got to be Free!

Thank you for reading this far, and your continued support of the Gallery [context].

All good things,








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