Melanie Reed at Gallery [context]

Melanie Reed makes wonderful abstractions that explore beautiful contours, arabesque, tones and textures with vivid colors in the mix.

Surprisingly, these images are made from collage. I know, right? Amazing.

As an artist, I am often deconstructing works in my minds eye. One of my favorite things about good craft is this sense of intention, the sense that things are where they are in an artwork because the artist created the condition on purpose, towards a specific result.

It was a surprise to learn how these were constructed. Check out the near seamless use of line, the placement of objects and then remember that these images are created out of other images… Super Fun, huh?

Here are a few of our favorites from Melanie Reed, currently on view at Gallery [context]. Enjoy!

Melanie Reed "Premonition," 8" x 22 1/4" mixed paper on board, 2012, $450.00


Melanie Reed “Premonition,” 8″ x 22 1/4″ mixed paper on board, 2012, $450.00 (framed)

Melanie Reed "Aperture," 10 1/2" x 13 3/4" mixed paper on board, 2012, $375.00

Melanie Reed “Aperture,” 10 1/2″ x 13 3/4″ mixed paper on board, 2012, $375.00 (framed)

Melanie Reed "Promise," 8 3/4" x 20 1/4" mixed paper on board, 2012, $450

Melanie Reed “Promise,” 8 3/4″ x 20 1/4″ mixed paper on board, 2012, $450.00 (framed)


Gallery [context] summer hours:

12pm – 5pm

Tuesday – Friday

and by appointment.

See you soon!



Direct Experience at Gallery [context]

Direct Experience

Featured Artist

Anna-Maria Vag

Anna-Maria’s wall sculptures are appropriately titled.

There is a unique quality to this work, which can only be fully appreciated by experiencing the work in person.

This highly collected work is limited to a series of 8 and produced on dye-sublimated aluminum, which adds remarkable depth and responsiveness to the light as it changes in the room throughout the day.

“Brocatto” shines with a golden brilliance in low-light that creates an atmosphere, a reflected radiance reminiscent of sunsets. These works are constantly changing, and each viewing angle offers a slightly different experience.

Come and see them for yourself !

Gallery [context] Summer Hours are 12-5pm Tuesday – Friday and by appointment.

View more of Anna’s works on her excellent website

Anna-Maria Vag "Pramaste"

Anna-Mária Vág, “Pramaste”, 24”x24”x1.32″, dye-infused aluminum, 2011, $1700.00
(please note that the light grey in the digital image is actually silver in person)


Anna-Mária Vág, “Brocatto”, 24”x24”x1.32″, dye-infused aluminum, 2011, $1700.00


Anna-Mária Vág, “Étain”, 36”x24”x1.32″, dye-infused aluminum, 2011, $2600.00


Anna-Mária Vág, “Kin O’Mann”, 36”x24”x1.32″, dye-infused aluminum, 2011, $2600.00

Look forward to more from Participating Artists in Direct Experience:

Anette Lusher

Christine Devine

Cynthia Freese

Don Haggerty

Endearment Israel

Kate Vrijmoet

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****************** Scene And Herd ***********************

So wonderful to see many of you out during 3rd Thursday’s Open Galleries at Seattle Design Center this past week. We had about 1500 visitors to the building and about 300 in the Gallery [context]. Thank you all for coming out and enjoying the live music and refreshments from our Sponsor, Blue Flame Spirits. More on that in the next Section. Here are a few Action Shots from Ken Vensel. Enjoy!

***** Next Reception is August 15th from 5-9pm *********

Photo: Ken Vensel for Gallery [context]

Photo: Ken Vensel for Gallery [context]

***** Next Reception is August 15th from 5-9pm *********

**************** Blue Flame Spirits ***************************

Special Thanks to Blue Flame Spirits for supporting our reception, and letting us taste their brand new “Wheat Whiskey” !! More about that here:

Washington Wheat Whiskey! This whiskey starts off with soft white winter wheat, grown specially for us by our personal private farm!  Neff Ranches grows Central Washington’s finest Wheat and Rye (shhh don’t tell anyone about the Rye) Varietals. These handmade whiskies are small batch made and barrel aged to perfection. After aging is complete we start a charcoal mellowing and filtering process that is completely unique to Blue Flame Spirits! This insures that we can showcase the mouthwatering flavor profile that comes from handmade Washington Whiskey inspired by the worlds most select grains!

Blue Flame Spirits Wheat Whiskey

And Where can one find such a delicious refreshment?


Here is the shortlist:

Bevmo- Ballard

Bevmo- Bellingham

Bevmo- Northgate

Bevmo- Silverdale

Bevmo- Southcenter

Bevmo- Vancouver

Bevmo!- Tacoma

Central Market Mill Creek

Central Market Poulsbo

Central Market Shoreline

Emerald City Spirits


Four Seasons Hotel

IGA Snoqualmie Ridge Superstore

Lombardi’s Mill Creek

Metropolitan Market – Admiral

Metropolitan Market – Kirkland

Metropolitan Market – Tacoma

Metropolitan Market – Uptown

Northwest Liquor & Wine Seattle

Premium Bainbridge

QFC Broadway Market #887

Shelton Liquor and Wine

Thriftway Shoreline

Thriftway West Seattle

Tommy C’s

Total Wine & More – Southcenter #1402

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