10 Obvious Things

10 Obvious Things

10 Obvious Things

10 Obvious Things

Fine Art Exhibition June 17th – July 1st

Opening Reception June 20th 6-9pm

Upcoming “10 Obvious Things” exhibition presents a contemporary art show about nothing, but something.

Gallery [context] is pleased to announce “10 Obvious Things” an exhibition of objects inspired by conversations at Art Klatsch, the wednesday morning gathering of artists, collectors and gallerists started by Scott Lawrimore.

Klatsch participants include Anita Grant, Ben Berres,, Francisco Guerrero, Jeremey Buben, Jon Kvistad, Lance Boil, Queen Shmooquan, Sounds Fresh, Tom Mattausch, Vanessa Dewolf, Zalman Berkowitz and surprising drop-ins each week. Klatsch meets Wednesday mornings from 8ish to 10ish at Cafe Presse on 12th avenue, Capitol Hill, Seattle.

June 20th is 3rd Thursday, this month the Gallery [context] features the opening reception of “10 Obvious Things” as well as a taste of beautiful things to come, with a preview of invited artists participating in the “Direct Experience” exhibition July 7th – September 6th.

Tea Specialist and Founder of Experience Tea Studio Roberta Fuhr will be on hand to share her vast knowledge of the world of Tea, as well as offering delicious tea experiences.

…. on view …
“10 Obvious Things”
Anita Grant
Ben Berres
Francisco Guerrero
Lance Boil
Queen Shmooquan
Sounds Fresh
Tom Mattausch
Zalman Berkowitz

[[[[[[ Direct Experience ]]]]]]] {invitational preview}
featuring artWorks of beauty and grace by:
Alison Grimm
Anette Lusher
Christine Devine
Cynthia Freese
Don Haggerty
Endearment Israel
Kate Vrijmoet
Ken Vensel
Kerry Smith
Michael Brinker
….. coming soon …..

[[[[[[ Direct Experience ]]]]]
exhibition: July 7th – September 6th
opening reception: July 18th 6-9pm
closing reception: August 15th 6-9pm


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Enjoy these shots from the most recent festivities.

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